Will Hoag

Product Management and Development
for Digital Products, Marketing, and Automation

Hi, I'm a product manager / software engineer who custom builds software solutions to help businesses thrive and grow.


Process Automation

Automation is the quickest way to get more ROI from current business processes. You are most likely doing some kind of automation already (technical or not). It's second nature to look for faster ways to accomplish something. But, your abiliity to automate is bound by your knowledge of the target domain. If you find a gap in your technical automation skills, I can help you out there.


Have an idea, product or service that you want to promote? I can advise, design, and/or develop SEO optimized marketing/landing pages to sell to your customers and/or connect with them in your brands tone of voice. In addition, I can advize on content and/or social media marketing plans to increase your reach.

Product Development

Products are awesome. I'm a product guy at heart. Fitting problems with proper solutions is a win win for everybody. Navigating the waters of problem-solution fit, product-market fit, and business-model fit with software can be tricky. I can help you think though, design, and develop the right products to minimize risk and maximize quality.

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